An Introduction to WSJT-X Presentation Notes


I have give three presentations about WSJT-X. In those presentations, I have included a tinyurl link (e.g., that people can write down, that redirects them to  a google document with all the notes they need. This allows them to enjoy the presentation without having to try and write everything I talk about down.

I have moved these notes over from the Google document to this post instead. Hope you enjoyed my presentation!


Download WSJT-X (Windows, Linux, Mac)
User Manual Here
Modes include JT65, JT9, MSK144, WSPR & More

JT Alert

Download JT Alert (Windows)
JT-Alert is WSJT-X’s Super Side Kick. This helps with logging, interfacing with other applications such as N3FJP’s ACL “Amateur Contact Log” and so many other things.
You will also want to make sure to download JT Alert, the Database File and the Voice File. (three separate installs)

Dimension 4

Download (Windows)
It’s time to sync about your future (sorry, couldn’t think of anything more clever to say)

PSK Reporter

Visit here
Where in the work am I being heard?
More than just PSK! Also reports PSK31, PSK63, JT65, JT9, Olivia, MSK144 & more!


Visit here
See your WSPRs around the world. You’ll need to register an account.

Ping Jockey

Visit here
Use this for communication for 6/2 meter Meteor Scatter to other operators
Don’t state exchange information and bust a contact!


Download here (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Screenshots and sound samples to help you recognize them:
I also recommend you download and install FLAMP & FLMSG with FLDigi
PSK31, PSK63, Olivia, MFSK, CW (including farnsworth), Contestia, Feld, FSQ, MT-63, RTTY, THOR & More!

Tigertronics Signalink USB

External Audio Card with a Rig Interface


Download here: (Windows, Linux)
A spin off project from WSJT-X
Offers a different layout and other features that WSJT-X doesn’t have.

Additional Resources

Facebook Groups

Ham Radio Digital Modes Facebook Group (>240 members)

Utah Ham Radio Operators Facebook Group (>600 members)
We ask that only

Youtube Videos and Tutorials

(slightly outdated but still good info)

WSJT-X JT65 Basic Tutorial

WSJT-X QSO Example

WSJT-X Picking your TX/RX

FLDigi Crash Course

Looking up Log History in FLDigi

Syncing Windows 7 Time without Dimension 4 Software

WSPR Using JTDX (like WSJT-X)

TinyURL Link to this page:

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