Mapping the new MSK144 mode to “Data” in TQSL for LOTW

There is a new Meteor Scatter mode in Joe Taylor’s WSJT-X.

Problem is uploading it into LOTW and QRZ as the current version of ADIF doesn’t support it. After talking with many on PingJockey and other forums, I found out that in order to get a confirmation, you need to map it to “Data.”

This is a quick video demonstration showing how to map it.

For those that cannot watch the video:

  1. Open TQSL by ARRL
  2. File
  3. Display or Modify Preferences
  4. ADIF Modes Tab
  5. Press “Add”
  6. Enter Type “MSK144” in the Mode Field
  7. Select “Data” in the selection list below
  8. Ok
  9. Ok
  10. That’s it!