About myself

My name is Jeff McGrath. I am a computer programmer for a hardware company by day, and own a photography business on the side. I have been making web sites since 1996 and in the software/computer industry professionally since 2003. I am wrapping up my Mass Communication in New Media bachelors degree at the University of Utah. Please feel free to check out a very small sampling of my work (see links on the left).

A little history about Well, I registered this domain, 15 days before was registered. This happened to be January 31st, 2006. I remember this only because was registered on Valentines Day, Feb 14th, 2006. At least, that is what the last whois look up showed me. I chose the name youtah (pronouned Utah, you-tah) because I, well, live in Utah. The domain was clever, simple, and short.

I promise, better content should be coming soon! I just need to find the time to develop!

Sorry for the minimal page. This is due to an error with previous hosting company who accidentally deleted my data. I am having to start from scratch. Apparently, they had a "billing" error, which resulted in an undisclosed number of accounts to appear expired, so they deleted them, even though they had not actually expired.

Oh yes, and what web site is truly complete, at the least without a mention of, bacon?